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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is one of the most important forms of insurance that any small business can have.

This form of insurance can protect your business against some of the most serious risks that small business owners can face, including property damage and personal injury.

We have made it our mission to ensure that Australian small businesses have access to great advice and service on their insurance needs.

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  • What is Public Liability?

    Public liability is designed to protect businesses from the financial consequences of causing property damage or personal injury to another person.

    If you are found to be responsible for someone else’s loss due to property damage or personal injury, you or your business may be liable for compensation costs which can stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Instead of having to pay this money out of your own pocket or risk bankruptcy, with the right policy in place you can rely on the insurer to cover the costs up to the sum insured, provided of course that the claim is covered under your policy wording.

    You can find out more by reading the full article here:

    What is public liability insurance?

  • Public Liability Cost

    If you are considering taking out cover for your business, the first thing you’ll most likely want to know about is the cost.

    The cost of public liability will depend on a number of different factors relating to your business. This includes the type of work you do and the size of your business in terms of revenue and staff numbers.

    For more information you can view the full article here:

    Public liability insurance cost.

  • Online Quotes

    We can assist you with quotes from a variety of insurance companies and providers.

    Each insurance company has different pricing for different business types, so it is certainly worthwhile obtaining quotes and comparing the cover between different providers.

    To obtain a quote on your cover simply follow this link:

    Public liability insurance online quote.

Public Liability Insurance Compare

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